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"Cheri Retirement Homes - The Paradise" : A Community Living Project for Seniors

The Background

Present day society comprises of Nuclear families. Most of the children stay away from their ancestral homes in pursuit of their career. Life is smooth and comfortable as long as you are working but the situation changes drastically after you Retire. One can neither leave your place and stay with your children nor can you expect the children to leave their career and come back. The parents, who have given their youth bringing up the children, are left with no choice than stay alone in their homes. Most of the parents will have money, house, vehicle and other amenities but what is lacking will be company, a secure environment to live and reliable “Helps” to carry out your home needs. More...

"A home away from home"

Project Features

  • Pay and Stay Home for Assisted Living
  • Independent Dwelling Units (Villa & Apartment)
  • Life Membership
  • Security
  • House Keeping
  • Common Dining
  • Supportive Medical Care
  • Library & Reading Room
  • Internal Recreation Room
  • Exercise Room
  • Social Activity Hall
  • Internal Solar Cooking System
  • Badminton Court
  • Jogging Track
  • Covered Parking Space
  • Drivers On Call
  • Ambulance Service (Tie up)

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Consecration of the Facility on:
03 June, 2017