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Cheri Retirement Homes - The Paradise, a Retirement Community project for Malayali Seniors is set up in the Suburbs of Ernakulam City. The facility is for Seniors like us , who would like a comfortable & secured retired life in the company of similar Seniors. It is based on the concept of "Pay and Stay Homes " for Assisted Living.

The Project consists of Accommodation for 19 families , 7 Singles and 2 Guests

The built up Accommodation consists of 6 Single Story Duplex Villas and a Ground plus 2 Apartment Block . The ground floor houses all common Amenities

The Facilities offered includes Security, House Keeping, Supportive Medical care, Common Dining, Recreation , Exercise Room , individual Parking, Drivers on call , Badminton Court, Jogging track etc.

The Accommodation is fully Furnished and the inmates can choose one of the three types of Accommodation :

  1. The Villa Type Accommodation( For Families ) - A Master Bed Room with an attached Toilet, a small room with an attached Toilet ( For a Home Nurse / Nursing Asst. , when ever you need one) , a small Living Room and a Sit out ; Total 418 S ft ( One half of each Single Story Duplex Villa DU Rev.2 ).
  2. Type 1 Apartment ( For Singles ) - A Master Bed Room with an attached Toilet & a Living Room opening into a common corridor -350 Sft
  3. Type 2 Apartment ( For Families ) - A Master Bed Room with an attached Toilet, another Bed Room with an attached Toilet ( For a Home Nurse / Nursing Asst. , when ever you need one) , a Living Room and a Balcony ; Total 530 S ft ( on 1st and 2nd Floors 4 each)
  4. Guest Suites - 2 Nos. of the Type 1 Accommodation is set apart for visiting Kith and kin of the inmates, when ever required.

In one of the wings, we have Dormitory Type Accommodation for Female staff in the First Floor and Dormitory type Accommodation for Male staff.

The accommodation is provided on Rental for life at a minimum entry level of 60 years. The members are offered Life membership by payment of a total of 15 Years Rental payable in 2 Tranches. Members to pay 10 years rental in Advance followed by a Second payment of 50 % of this Rental on completion of 10 years stay. There is no Rental for the rest of the Life of both spouses / surviving spouse.

The expenses on Food, Water, Electricity and staff salary and a nominal Maintenance charge will borne equally by all living in Members.

The Project was consecrated & formally Inaugurated on 3Rd June, 2017.

The project will initially be staffed and run by the Promoter. Once the project is run smoothly, a Residents’ Association will be Registered and the Management of the Facility will be handed over to the Association, of the Residents . Myself and my family will also be Residents in the Facility and will be members of The Paradise Residents’ Association

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